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Legal notices Dubai Eviction notices Dubai, Tenancy Disputes in Dubai

Compton Conveyancing provides the services that deal with the legal documentation and have the strategic partnership with Rashid Al Khaitoob Advocates who offer fully-fledged legal services and are one of the top Solicitors in Dubai, UAE. They have a major role in our legal processes like rental disputes, arbitration and litigation.

Our experienced solicitors are licensed to act in the Dubai courts, Dubai International Financial Centre, and Rental Dispute Centre. We handle your work from the filing of the case, drafting legal documents and fulfilling the execution of the case from hearing to final results as well as appeals. 

​Professional Legal notice Dubai and Eviction notices Dubai Services for Real Estate and Tenancy Matters in Dubai

Escrow Dubai

​Our lawyers make legal notices, company documents, and Eviction notices in Dubai and much more for you as they are the experts in the field of law.

Many times it happens that you want Eviction prior to the expiry of the tenancy contract due to the selling of a property, for the same purpose Compton Conveyancing and our Solicitor in Dubai provide you with the best solution as we have the full-fledged knowledge of Tenancy and Real Estate Law of United Arab Emirates.

If you are in any situation or any kind of dispute our experts promise to provide you with complete legal services or Legal notices with effective and efficient results.

Do you need to submit an eviction notice to your tenant so that you can get your property back the right way? Do you need to increase the rent legally? These are processes that must happen in the correct way before you do anything - speak to us. 

Legal Notices in Dubai: An Overview

In Dubai, legal notices serve as official communications between people or organizations to ensure that obligations and rights are upheld following the law. They form a critical component of the legal framework and can address various issues such as disputes, contracts, and obligations.

In property rental agreements, legal notices serve to notify the involved parties about changes, violations, or actions that need to be taken. When a landlord intends to terminate a tenancy contract, eviction notices are issued.

Eviction Notices in Dubai: Understanding the Process

If a landlord serving Eviction notices in Dubai, they must handle the matter with great care and attention. The rental laws in Dubai demand that landlords meet certain requirements before initiating the eviction notices process. These requirements may include nonpayment of rent, lease agreement violations, or the illegal use of the property.

It is imperative that landlords strictly adhere to a defined procedure before serving an eviction notice. The said procedure entails notifying the tenant in writing about the impending eviction, citing the reasons for the eviction, setting a date by which the tenant must vacate the premises, and outlining any outstanding debts that must be paid.

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