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Dubai real estate is still in its infancy. We add professionalism and knowledge into a market that desperately needs it. We fill a void of doubt and uncertainty that buyers and sellers face as well as agents. Our service benefits all parties. The buyer and seller have someone to hold their hand the whole way through the process and the agent can continue to generate more business without the worry of doing all the after sales.



Our company offers invaluable advice and constant feedback to all parties, we are at the forefront of change within the Dubai real estate market so we can take advantage of all changes and face them head on. We offer excellent value for money and offer a better customer service experience than our competitors. Professional advice & constant feedback, giving you the confidence to move forward. 



We look at your transaction from inception through to completion, factoring in all possible problems and constraints so that we can predict timeframes and act accordingly and in the most efficient way possible. Using our years of experience in Dubai we can anticipate outcomes before they occur. Knowledge and information are the key and we are the most experienced conveyancers in the city. 



Compton Conveyancing was established to bring professionalism and knowledge to a market that is new and constantly changing. 

It was set up by Marc Compton, one of Dubai's first and most experienced real estate conveyancers.

Having been involved in Dubai real estate for 10 years we have seen the many changes to this growing city and offer our expert advice and knowledge to all parties involved in real estate transactions. 

we also help in the creation of Legal notice & eviction notice.


We have a strategic partnership with Rashid Al Khaitoob Advocates one of Dubai’s top boutique law firms offering full legal services including escrow, rental disputes, arbitration, and litigation as well as a host of other services available. 




conveyancing in dubai


Compton Conveyancing, 

601, Concord Tower,

Dubai Media City   

Dubai, UAE

P.O Box 126732

Tel: +971 4 454 9734

Mob: +971 50 672 5251

Conveyancing in Dubai

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