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Get the Best Escrow Agent in Dubai with Compton Conveyancing

Our Escrow Agent Services are familiar with all the legal formalities that one has to complete while buying or selling a property. We work hand in hand with Dubai Land Department to help clients and companies overcome hurdles in order to get their transactions across the line. 

The escrow agent services are available for a number of different transactions; for example, a client may not have a bank account set up in the UAE or need the proceeds of their sale transferred elsewhere immediately, or keep the funds secure until the transaction is finalized. 


Benefits of Using an Escrow Dubai Real Estate Transactions in Dubai

Two parties may need the safety and security of an escrow agent to hold the sale proceeds in a 3rd party account until a mutual transfer date is agreed as well as holding security deposits, commissions, and various other fees involved in a real estate transaction.

Our conveyancers specialize in all client services and can handle even the most complex and challenging real estate transactions with ease.

Our services benefit all the parties involved. The buyers and sellers have someone to trust and can guide them during the whole process and the Escrow Agent service adds a layer of security that is not found anywhere else.

We are perfect for clients who are concerned with tax planning, estate planning, or inheritance protection for property, cash, or financial assets in Dubai.

We provide excellent value for money and offer a better customer service experience which in turn can give us long-lasting relationships with our clients. 


With our partners, we plan and execute with full legal services to cover all the situations and disputes without any delay.

We look into your transaction right from its inception to its finish, determining all the possible problems and predict the loopholes and act accordingly in the most competent way likely.      

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