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Whether you are buying or selling a property in Dubai we handle the whole process from start to finish in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Accompany the surveyor/valuer to the property,
  • Liaise with all financial institutions and banks,
  • Settle outstanding loans and mortgages as well as pre-registering the property with Dubai Land Department to secure all parties interests.
  • Apply, follow up and collect your No Objection Certificates from every registered property developer,
  • Release and register the mortgage and settle all financial obligations to both parties at transfer of title. 
conveyancing in dubai
Property Conveyancing
Offshore entity
We can facilitate and establish the incorporation of offshore as well as on shore companies so that you protect your assets and your loved ones from any occurrence. 
  • Estate planning, especially in countries where Shari'ah Law plays a role in inheritance of property and assets.
  • Minimise current exposure to income or estate taxes or you might want protection for inheritance planning.
  • Multiple Shareholders making assets easy to share, control, sell and gift, saving time, money and protecting all parties. 
conveyancing in dubai
Legal Litigation
conveyancing in dubai
Through our partners Rashid Al Khaitoob Legal Advocates we can offer full legal services covering all situations and disputes. 
  • Fully licensed to act in Dubai International Arbitration Centre as well as Dubai Courts and Dubai International Financial Centre & Rental Dispute Resolution Centre.
  • Rental Disputes, contract negotiation. case filing and execution, drafting of legal contracts and agreements, debt recovery and much more. 
conveyancing in dubai

Rental Dispute Cases

Rental disputes can be stressful experiences for landlords and tenants alike, typically stemming from issues like rent increases or property maintenance costs. While sometimes such conflicts can be resolved through open communication or legal intervention alone, legal intervention may become necessary when an agreement can't be found. Being knowledgeable of both their rights and responsibilities in their lease agreement as well as local laws are critical for a timely resolution, which benefits both sides in maintaining good rental relationships while preventing legal consequences; communication documentation plays a vital role should any legal proceedings ensue - ultimately it all boils down to clear lease agreements, effective communication strategies as well as finding common ground is critical preventing rental dispute cases!

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